Welcome to Pro Holmes Youth Impact International Sports Academy! Our purpose is to provide high school and post graduate students with a platform for their academic and athletic growth and development in an environment that cultivates core values and guiding principles. These principles serve as a foundation for our students to heighten their integrity, compassion, and grace to bestow a champion spirit.

Our philosophy is to provide an unrivaled opportunity for individuals to excel as student-athletes and as leaders. Here at Pro Holmes Youth Impact International Sports Academy, we take a very eclectic approach to learning as we will actively challenge each student’s inherent abilities and capacity for intellectual and athletic growth. We encourage the will to succeed and are committed to providing the tools necessary to achieve this. 


Pro Holmes Youth Impact International Sports Academy encompasses a student body with strong commitment to academics, athletics and personal growth. Students must commit to diligence in their school work, sports and community as they strive for excellence. A myriad of opportunities are provided to our students to engage collaboratively with peers as our moderators, coaches and administrators offer full support. Students are afforded an accomplished and dedicated staff with a wide range of relevant, NCAA approved course offerings.

 PHYI  leads the way with its ability to offer literate, information-age students a platform to excel into prestigious higher education programs throughout the world.


Pro Holmes Youth Impact International Sports Academy is accredited Cognia, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that uses research-based diagnostic tools to perform rigorous reviews of schools and school systems. Cognia is committed to helping schools maintain standards for student achievement and providing an approach for improvement.